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Massage Therapies: 

THERAPY Ahhh…soothe your body, mind and spirit. Personalize your massage by choosing from the following menu options..

SWEDISH/RELAXATION Light to medium pressure with long soothing strokes. Improves circulation and flexibility while easing tension. Let us knead away your stress and leave you in a tranquil bliss! 60 min.

30 Minutes - $50 (Series of three $120)
60 Minutes - $80 (Series of three $200)
90 Minutes - $120


DEEP TISSUE Medium to deep pressure with focus on the neck, back and shoulders. This technique is used to target knots and muscle tension. Helps to ease the pain, detoxify and promotes mobility. Add $20 Series of three $250

HOT STONE This massage utilizes smooth heated stones in tandem with the Therapistís hands. The heat generated from the stone penetrates deep into sore muscles melting away stress and tension. Focus on the back, neck, shoulders. Add $20

REFLEXOLOGY Reflexology uses acupressure on the feet to detoxify and balance. This treatment is followed with moisturizing aromatherapy chosen by you. Add $20

AROMATHERAPY: Add aromatherapy to your massage to reduce stress and promote clarity of mind. Add $5

COOLING TREATMENT: This cooling gel releases tension, decreases pain and invigorates your muscles. Add $5

DEEP HEAT RELIEF: Our heat relief oil penetrates deep into muscle, allowing for greater muscle release and a profound sense of relaxation. Add $5

*Gift Cards available for any amount.

Appointments cancellation must be made within 24 hours, otherwise subject to full charge.

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