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Eyelash Extensions

Have a busy life style? Hate the fact at the end of the day your mascara has smudged under your bottom lashes? Want thicker, longer lashes? Look no further lash extensions will give you all that and more! Heather and MJ specialize in lash styling many hours of advanced classes and a large variety of clients have given them the education and experience to customize the look that is right for you.

Flirty and Fun:

If you are looking for a natural eye opener this is your set. We will apply lashes to 50% of your natural lashes. Giving you the lashes everyone will think you were born with. (1.5-2 hours of Lash Styling) $150

Bella Diva:
Big and Bold will be the description of your lashes! We apply lashes to 80% of your natural lashes. Glamour is just a blink away with this set. (2-2.5 hours of Lash Styling) $250

Fill them up:
Replenish your lashes to keep your Flirty, Diva look fresh. Suggested fills every 3-4 weeks. (45min-1 hour of lash styling) $65-95

*Gift Cards available for any amount.
Appointments cancellation must be made within 24 hours, otherwise subject to full charge.